Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dream, dream, dream

There must be something crazy about me and Friday nights. The past two Friday nights I have had vivid, if not somewhat disturbing, dreams.

A week ago I dreamed that a friend and his entire family were in a natural disaster. I don't remember much of that dream because it has been a while and I didn't record it. It was disturbing enough to compel me to contact him and make sure they were truly alright.

Last night I had a wacky dream that Nairobi was a country (not a city in Kenya). And possibly not even in Africa. And that it had similar laws for women as Iran and Iraq.

In my dream I was on a cruise with some friends and decided to take a detour, by myself. I swam to shore from the ship (where welcome to Nairobi was spelled out on the beach in rocks and in English), stole a berka from someone's clothes line, and went touring around the country.

By nightfall, I decided it was time to swim back to the ship--which of course had left. So I went back to some big city to watch for Americans. I was pretty nervous because it was late, I was in a berka, alone and female. I found an American soldier somehow at the last possible minute and had to take asylum because some bad guys were after me. He was able to sneak me to the American Embassy before I woke up.

Anyone care to interpret it for me?

So weird! Anyhow not too bad for someone who doesn't usually dream (or doesn't remember her dreams). Two in two weeks and at least I was in the dream this week!

I'm looking forward to next Friday night to see what other crazy happenings happen.

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Melinda said...

My interpretation: you need to take a vacation. Can I come along?