Thursday, April 30, 2009

Island Treats

Kristy's Hawaiian Leis

Bud Vase with 3 flowers $15
* Roses
* Carnations
* Daisies
* (*Gerberas $18)

Robyn lei - $40

Kristy can pretty much get any of the leis if ordered by the 5th of May. Orders can be placed after May 5, but will not be able to guarantee the flower selection. You may have to trade it for something else. Tuberose (which smells strong and is part of the Gardenia family) is not available this year because it is going out of season and it has been raining so much in Hawaii that it has affected the availability of the flower.

Kristy's comments: If I can get some Tuberose I will probably order it loose and use it for specialty leis. Most of the leis will be $25 (shipping and tax included) but a there are a few specialty leis that will cost more.

My favorite is Plumeria because it smells so good but it is fragile and will brown. The orchids are the most hardy flower that look great but do not smell. I love the orchids or tuberose mixed with carnations or white orchid with baby roses. They have a slight smell and are beautiful.

I will also be selling small bud vases with 3 flowers for $15. The flowers offered are roses, carnations, or daisies. Gerberas will be $18 and if you would like other flowers you can special order them with me and I will get a cost for you.

I WILL ALSO BE DOING LEIS FOR GRADUATION ALONG WITH MY $2 CANDY LEIS (these are popular with the students and are made of $2 bills and candy). Please contact Kristy if you have any questions or if you need help deciding.

50% of money is due up front and balance due at delivery. You may pay cash, check, or paypal. We will also do delivery this year for $5 for certain area and other areas for $2 (Lehi and American Fork).

Monday, April 27, 2009

Breaking Out the Belly

Our Dance Company's Director, Halima, is offering several home studio classes that begin May 13th and end June 17th (six weeks) cost is $40, except the Little Gypsy class that is $20.

5 pm - Little Gypsy Class - (For children 3 years old and up) This class will explore the movement of dance through Middle Eastern influence while having a great time.

6 pm - Intermediate - In this class, dancers will work on veil choreography and continuing technique.

7 pm - Beginning - Dancers will learn basic technique while working on a drum dance.

All classes will be held at Halima's home studio in Alpine. 801-360-7575. Tell her J'adore (Andrea) sent you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Utah Renaissance Festival & Fantasy Faire

Escape the mundane!

May 8-10 and May 15-17 * 10 AM-6:30 PM

Take 346 Exit off I-15
head west 1 1/2 miles to
Millcreek Hollow in
(West of Ogden)

Desert Gypsy Dance Company will perform twice on Saturday, May 9th and twice on Saturday, May 16. Performances will be on the Gypsy Magick Stage at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.

*Shauna Burns **live heavy joust**artisans marketplace* *belly dancing* *comedy shows* *live steel* *Music* *Magic* *MORE!* 801-603-6356

Twilight - The Parody

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So This Is Spring...

Thanks, Adam, for taking this picture and sharing it with me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Message from an Apostle

An Easter message from an Apostle of the Lord

Sometimes the whole Plan of Salvation makes me catch my breath with amazement. I do not understand how it works, how He could have paid the price for all the world, how He could pay the price for me. I only trust that He did. That He took my sins upon him in Gethsemene, that He laid His body down and took it up again on the third day. I am grateful for the opportunity to repent. Begin again. Thank you hardly seems to satisfy my debt.

Easter Eggs and All That Jazz

Friday night, we colored eggs at grandma and grandpa's with RD, IC, and AL. AJ had had to stay home with a fever. Then we had a "sleep" over where we didn't really sleep much and geared up for Saturday's events.

This Saturday, our traditional Easter egg hunt was held in my parents' backyard. All seven of the little one hunted for eggs. I'm not certain how excited AM, EL, and ZM were about the finding part. Especially since they couldn't eat the candy inside the plastic eggs and wouldn't be able to spend the money amount written on the outside of the other eggs.

Here AJ, IC, AL, and RD show off their spoils. They had a blast finding eggs, eating candy and helping grandpa pay out the money amounts written on their eggs.

Our picnic was held indoors due to the cool, rainy weather. Before scampering inside, the adults blew soap bubbles for the kids to chase and pop.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Suncatcher Easter Eggs

See original here

What you need: Tissue paper in different colors , scissors , clear contact paper , hole punch , ribbon

Instructions: Cut tissue paper into small, irregular pieces. Place shapes in a random pattern on sticky side of contact paper, leaving some clear spaces. Cut egg shapes out of the decorated contact paper. Punch a hole and thread a pretty ribbon through each egg. Hang in a window to catch sunlight.

Simple Easter Craft Idea

See original post here

What you need: White eggs (hard-boiled or blown empty) , white felt , pink paper , glue , scissors , floral wire , small pink pom-pom , cotton ball , google eyes

Instructions: Start with hard-boiled eggs or whole empty eggshells. To make the feet, glue a piece of white felt to pink paper and cut into a large heart shape. Glue to egg bottom to keep stable. Cut two rounded teardrop shapes out of white felt. Cut a smaller teardrop shape out of pink paper and glue to the inside of ears. Fold the bottom and glue together. Cut floral wire to whisker length. Place wire whiskers and pom-pom on front point of egg. Glue cotton ball to the back. Glue wide end of ears to top front of egg. Add google eyes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Vibrations

Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.

~Maya Angelou

Financial Facebook

In January I blogged about attending a seminar on financial management for women given by Richard Paul Evans. At that time, he offered membership to an online community for only $10 per month. I had intended to sign up, but hadn't gotten around to it.

Today, they sent a follow up email that I nearly deleted without reading. On a fluke, I opened it and found this:

You are probably already aware that I have started the 5 Lessons Institute: a community to help people find wealth and live the 5 Lessons. What you don't know is that you can now enjoy all the benefits of being a member for FREE. That's right, it's no longer $10 a month.

The 5 Lessons institute is a community for people who want to improve their financial world and develop wealth. There are money saving tips, articles, smart ideas, groups you can join and expert advice. Also there’s a fun “facebook” like community so we can all help each other in these tough times.

And it’s all FREE. If you're serious about changing your financial world then join friends around the country and go to ! We'll be looking for you!

Meet you at the flagpole?

I received this powerpoint from a friend and turned it into a video. I haven't verified the references, but enjoyed the images and the message. Somehow the song that had been saved in the powerpoint presentation was deleted out in the conversion. I substituted Mercy River's "A Little More".

Some of the transitions with the slides and song are a little rough. For a first effort, I think it turned out pretty well.


Monday, April 6, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Last Saturday, before the sudden cold snap, we took a family to the Hogle Zoo.

The weather was perfect--not too hot, not too cold. The animals were out and about. The zoo wasn't too crowded, and we got to see them feed a penguin fish. RD loved the lizard his dad told him was a dinosaur. IC said she liked the zebras the best.

In this picture, AL was a little nervous at first when the giraffe started to lower and tried to pull herself up the pole until she realized that the animal would rise up and sink down. Then, she was fine. She had a ball going around in circles and waving at everyone as we passed. The rest of my nieces and nephews who were old enough to care about riding on a carousel had ridden the turn before.

What a fun day! Becca thanks for sharing this picture!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Hope you have the best birthday ever! Love you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Seen That Face Somewhere Before

One of the Tech Team guys I work with showed me a cool site the other day that I've been meaning to blog about. I figure April Fool's Day is as good of a day as any.

The site is called monoface. On it you can click on the mouth, nose, head, and each eye to create more than 700,000 different face combinations made from 15 original pictures (seen in the gallery). You can shuffle the images to come up with auto-generated faces. Some of the combinations are scary and others are downright hilarious!

Part of the amazing-ness of this site comes from the morphing of features to match the other features. The faces on the left and center above have the same head, but different facial features. The faces in the center and right images above have the same facial feature combination, but they work equally well in the different heads.

For info about who created and why, click here. And Merry Christmas!

A New Twist on an Old Favorite

This recipe came in an e-newsletter from one of our printers at work of all places. I've tried a similar type of recipe using a spice cake mix and can of pumpkin pie filling. These Snickerdoodles sound easy and delicious!

Twisted Snickerdoodle Cookies

1 package white or yellow cake mix (Can double recipe and use one of each)
1/4 cup vegetable oil (or 1/4 cup applesauce)
2 eggs
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Heat oven to 350. Mix cake mix, oil and eggs in large bowl with spoon until dough forms. Some dry mix will remain.

Refrigerate for an hour so it is easier to roll into balls. Shape dough into 1-inch balls. Mix sugar and cinnamon in small bowl. Roll balls in cinnamon-sugar mixture. Place about 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake 10 - 12 minutes or until set. Cookies will be light golden brown. Do not overbake or they will be hard. Cool on wire rack.

Your Hair Is the Color of Tomoto Soup

April Fool's day was a day of craziness when I was growing up. You had to watch out for PJs that were hand sewn together loosely enough that you would become entangled in the threads and couldn't get your pajamas on quite right, cotton cooked in waffles or pancakes, salt where there was supposed to be sugar, etc. You get the idea. None of the pranks were harmful, just good clean silly fun.

Tip Junkie posted some ideas that would be fun to try. Rachel blogged about some more ideas. Martha Stewart chimed in with some good things too. In case those aren't enough, you can read about 100 April Fool's Day hoaxes.

Our Tech Team added ads to our Dashboard at work, saying it was a little something to supplement the company's coffers in the economic downturn. Our Front Office team changed everyone's phone names to something funky and made me Mushkababa today in honor of our volleyball days.

Now, who can I find that would be unsuspecting...