Monday, July 27, 2009

End of the Trail

On Saturday we hiked Donut Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon--starting at the Spruces campground. My compliments to Adam and Renee's camera for capturing the colors so well--and to the lady who offered to snap us all together.

It was a beautiful hike that I would recommend to anyone. Be aware though that there are streams and waterfalls; they tend to draw the kids. We saw deer and chipmunks and snakes and wildflowers and other hikers and castles (big rocks that RD stood on).

Here we are at the end of the trail. My particularly saucy do is compliments to the niece I'd had on my shoulders part of the way. Thanks, EL!


Havilah said...

Ooo! I wanna do that hike! Do you think we could handle it with our little ones??

Bekah said...

I'm so glad we all got to go together--it was fun. And I'm glad we ended up going the "long" way, that part of the trail was especially nice.

Ron & Gayla said...

We had such a good time. I love being with our family. and lunch was especially good. Thanks. I'm ready to go again. Maybe Calf Creek?

Andrea - said...

Mom and Dad - Calf Creek sounds fun. I'm game!

Bekah - that part of the trail was particularly beautiful.

Havilah - I think your kids could do it. You have a new little one, but there was a new mom and her 6 week old baby on that trail.