Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Fun - Fair and Zoo

I am trying to get back on track with posts and blogging. For now I'm working forward, but need to work backward at some point to document the summer.

After work on Friday, Tina, three of her nieces, me and my niece AJ, Lisa, and Linda headed to the State Fair. Unfortunately I forgot my camera to document it. We started with the equestrian show, watched the lemon shark and nurse sharks, looked at some vending booths, ate a hot dog (or just the bun in AJ's case). We saw and petted sheep, goats, cows, pigs, and rabbits.

The world's tiniest horse was pretty cool, but probably about the same size as a normal shetland pony. The vantage had from walking up around the horse made it seem smaller though. Al the alligator was pretty cool. AJ was nervous he would eat her until Tina pointed out the glass and bars between him and us. I also reassured her that if Al tried to eat her I'd protect her and let him eat me first. What does it say that that put her at ease?

AJ didn't want anyone driving up to the Fair with us; she was extremely definite about that. We don't always get what we want when we want it. Especially when we are three. Lisa and Linda rode with us. On the way home AJ invited them to come over some time to read stories. Pretty cute!

We got a later start than we had planned, parking was crazy-crowded (due to the Boys 2 Men concert) and we ended up out way too late--but we had a great time and saw a lot of fun things.

Saturday, Linda (green), Daphne (purple), Lisa (pink) and I decided to head to Hogle Zoo to celebrate Lisa's birthday. And I remembered my camera! We headed up around noon and spent the day wandering the park. The zoo was alive with extra life: baby elephant, baby tigers, baby giraffe, baby snow leopards (in the picture you can't see them very well for the grass). The weather was gorgeous. Blue sky and only soft fluffy clouds in sight. We brought parasols and umbrellas to keep out some of the heat.

Later we headed to the Red Iguana for dinner and then Daphne and I went dancing.

Animoto videos are a new found favorite because they compress multiple pictures and memories into limited space. People can watch or skip them easily. Don't worry. I'll get over the kick--eventually.

Baby elephant at Hogle Zoo

Zoo trip with the girls

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!


Melinda said...

What a great time. We can't wait to see the baby animals too!

Rebecca said...

You make me want to take my kids to the zoo. Looks like tons of fun!!! I miss you!

Andrea Brown said...

We were at the fair on Friday too!! But we left around 7:30. It sounds like you had a great time. I love the fair.