Monday, October 12, 2009

Would You like Butter with That?

This weekend, I hit the Cheesecake Factory and then a movie theater with some fabulous friends (Andrea happy birthday!, Karyn, and Melinda) for a good ol' chick flick.

It was hilarious. Both heroines were endearing, and I admit to being one of those obnoxious movie-goers who laughs out loud.

Julie & Julia is based on two true stories and was a pleasant surprise. Julia Child brought French cooking home, so to speak, and Julie Powell's blog is famous. Someday mine may be too. LOL

Here I sit, a servantless American cook with an unexpected craving to try my hand at Boeuf Bourguignon. But, no desire to work my way through an entire cookbook of 500+ Julia Child recipes in a year.


Karyn said...

It was a fun night! You are great company! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!

Karyn said...
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Karyn said...

P.S. - Let's try that again. I misspelled a word last time. What I said was, I am mentioned on your blog, so when you become famous, I do too, right?

Melinda said...

It was such a great night. And I'm serious about the Beouf and cooking together. Alas, I have no idea how to go about procuring good red wine. :P