Friday, November 12, 2010

A Piece of a Project

Our company's founder (the "K" in KLAS) left for a mission in October. Prior to his leaving I made a quilt, incorporating some of the company shirts from past years as a going away/retirement gift. Part of our company logo is Utah's Delicate Arch--thus the design choice.

If I were to do it again, I would allow for a wider sashing around the quilt. The white strips on the outside edges seem too narrow to me. And a wider binding. And allow for a longer timeframe. And I might take a class before embarking on a new technique all on my own. In a previous post I shared some videos about paper piecing. Thank goodness for the Internet!

It was a FUN project, but very time consuming. About 35 of my hours are personally wrapped up in this quilt--including fabric selection, etc.

The Quilting Cottage in AF bound and quilted it for me. Overall it turned out quite well. Here are some pictures from my very first paper pieced quilt. Let me know what you think. Also if you like to sew, I'd recommend you try paper piecing.


K-WilliamsFamily said...

Wow, Andrea!!! VERY nice!!

J+S said...

You are so amazing, Andrea. I loved it when they presented this. I'm in awe.

Harrison - Party of Three! said...

WOW Andrea- that's so awesome! I bet that took some real time to get done! Super original too!

Ron & Gayla said...

Andrea you are amazing!!!!! I love it

Melinda said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am exceptionally impressed!