Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hotel Horror Stories

I received an email recently about horrible places to stay on vacation. Their teasers are posted further below, but I wanted to chime in with a story of my own.

Some friends and I took a trip to St. George several years ago for a weekend getaway. The details are a little hazy--and, no, we were not partaking of any substances that would impair memory. Age does a fine job on it's own. Thank you very much.

We had a coupon for a discounted room rate at a certain hotel, which should have been our first clue to stay away--stay far, far, FAR away. I remember vague feelings of foreboding as we walked to our room, being a little nervous about us single girls staying there. We should have listened. The second clue was that the pool was disgusting. The third clue was that, when we called the front desk about the fire alarm beeping for a new battery, they removed the battery and replaced the cover. The fourth clue was that one of the beds broke when we sat on it. At this point we were still laughing at the ghetto hotel we were staying in. It was humorous. A few cracks in the walls and mysterious stains on the ceiling--that's good fodder for a story. "Remember the night, when... Hahaha." So we requested a new room.

The straw that broke the camel's back was that the new room was filthy!!! Disgustingly filthy. I still want to hurl when picturing the hotel room's bathroom. We didn't even ask for another room. We wanted our money back which, of course, they would not refund. We went to another hotel anyway. Nice showers, no broken beds, clean pool, clean bathroom, no weird water stains on the ceiling and creepy cracks along the walls.

And the fire alarm had a battery. We checked.

Enjoy the other miserable travel stories below...

Calella, Spain
H Top Olympic Hotel
Woken up by the sound of breaking glass... someone fell through the window of the patio doors.

Las Vegas, NV
Circus Circus Manor Motor Lodge
Drunk people sleep right outside our room lying in the hallway.

Broadbeach, Australia
Island Beach Resort
Our belongings were stolen from our ROOM while we were in the swimming pool.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Tropicana New Tiran Hotel
Flooded by sewage overflow twice in the 5 days that we were there.

Miami, FL
Majestic Hotel South Beach
He shoved the couch into my luggage, broke a bottle of alcohol in my bag and ruined my camera. More

Beijing, China
Guomen Hotel
We spent our entire vacation in quarantine - never having a fever or symptoms.

Albufeira, Portugal
Valmangude Jardim Aparthotel
The robber had a key to all the rooms and they somehow knew how to get into the safe!

Petra, Jordan
Petra Palace Hotel
A male cleaner knocking on my door at 6.30 am to say hello and ask if he could wash his face in my sink.

Athens, Greece
Hotel Fivos
Liked — Leaving
Disliked — The period between check in and departure.

Bangkok, Thailand
D&D Inn
The POLICE demanded a substantial fine...withdrawn from a conveniently placed ATM...

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