Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fair Fun (A Little Backtracking)

The first weekend in September, I went to visit my sister in Cache Valley, because ZM was being blessed.

I left Friday night shortly after Mini-Fest and changed from my performance costume to "street" clothes in the bathroom of a gas station in Highland. Needless to say, several customer gave me strange looks as I walked into the station in full regalia. (If you are unsure what that all entails, check out some of my earlier blogs about our dance troupe or visit our dance company website.)

By the time I arrived in Hyrum, my nieces were both fast asleep. ZM (age 5 weeks) had waited up for me with his mom and dad, though.

Saturday morning, Becca sent AL (nearly 2 years old) to see who was sleeping downstairs in the guest bedroom. How surprised was she to find me!

Morning - Gotta Put on My May-up!

While their mom and brother went to a friend's shower and their dad went to work, I took IC (age 4) and AL to the Utah State Fair. The drive to Salt Lake was full of silly songs sung at the top of our lungs. Their favorite was probably from the musical State Fair, because we kept singing the chorus over and over with our own words.

Here are the girls at the ntrance to the fair park. Yes, I did drop the "e" on the word and in the picture. Sigh. Notice the poses and cheesy grins!

We saw flowers. Grandma and Grandpa, we promise we didn't pick your Dahlias!

And goats... AL is sooooo brave. She petted the goat!

And cows...

And ponies... IC rode Macaroni. AL rode Stormy; the horse that supposedly lived up to its name and spooked easily. "Stay close by at all times," the handler warned. "And, watch out for helicopters." Comforting words.

And tigers... The tigers made someone a little nervous, but I'll never tell who!

What a darling bunch!

For some reason all the way home the girls wanted to sing the Yankee Doodle Macaroni song....


J+S said...

This looks like fun!

Karen Williams said...

Oh, you are such a AWESOME Aunt to take a 2 and 4 year old to the fair...AND VERY BRAVE! It does look like you all had a BLAST!!

Karyn said...

I am really glad that you started a blog. I like being able to keep up with you this way. It sounds like you had a LOT of fun with your nieces. I bet that they think you are the most fun, awesome aunt EVER! Oh wait....That's because you are!