Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green Smoothie Girl

I recently received an email from the Green Smoothie Girl:

Today we continue debunking the mainstream media positions that you may have believed for a lifetime but simply aren't true.

This one is widely believed by the vast majority of Americans: Myth #8: "Milk and dairy build strong bones."The most powerful industry in America is the dairy industry, earning over $50 billion and spending over $200 million annually to spread the lie that dairy products nutrition is necessary for human children's health. They're smart enough to target mothers (and they started, very successfully, with our grandmothers), because they can create habits for life if a child is drinking cow's milk at an early age.

What are your thoughts?

1 comment:

Melinda said...

As a person who lived in Japan; it bugs me! Even my doctor gets on me because my oldest doesn't like to drink milk. Man, myths propagate.