Monday, October 13, 2008

Puttin' on the Witch!

Tonight, the majority of my family met at Gardner Village for dinner at Archibald's and then planned to wander the Village. It's Witchapalooza and witching time at the Village.

By the time we finished dinner, most of the shops were closing. We looked around a bit and snapped a few pictures. I'll post them another time. The witches and pumpkins and Halloween decor was frightfully fun, but I don't think I've had such poor customer service at a restaurant before.

I wish I could say that the restaurant was packed. Maybe there were extenuating circumstances we weren't aware of. Maybe it was an off night for them. Maybe I'm just grouchy. Birthdays sometimes do that. Guess I'd better see the Witch Doctor or something to get it straightened out.

The company was grand: mom and dad; Adam, Renee, AJ, and EL; Nathan, Bekah, RD, and AM, and me. Their service gave us a lot of time to sit and visit. RD and AJ were darling. Both were in very good moods. RD had on his favorite Lightening McQueen galoshes. AJ was excited it was my birthday and started singing Happy Birthday well before dinner was underway.

I'm not sure if my niece and nephew were more excited for the chocolate cake or gifts. (I think they might have had to be convinced that it was my birthday and not theirs regarding the gifts.) After they finished eating, they played ring-around-the-rosies near some vacant tables. So sweet. A little grandma at a table near us waved goodbye to the pair of two-year olds as we left. EL and AM were both asleep before we had packed up for the night.

We enjoyed visiting and spending time together. Adam and Renee and family gave me some awesome hair products. Nathan and Bekah and family gave me some cool headphones I've been needing. Mom and Dad gave me a beautiful quilt in Autumn colors that Mom made for me.

Earlier, Becca, IC, and AL called to sing happy birthday. Even ZM "sang" a bit; we'll just ignore the fact he was singing to get a fresh diaper. They weren't able to come down for dinner.

I survived another birthday and tried to be pleasant about it. Normally I tend to get a bit grouchy and have little graciousness. I'm not sure why it's so hard for me to accept so much kindness. I tried putting OFF the witch. Hopefully, it worked. And, hopefully everyone else enjoyed the day. I know I enjoyed having a birthday more this year than I have in the past.

My darling co-workers brought in a bouquet of balloons, cards, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and a gift certificate for me. Today was our company birthday lunch for all of the October birthdays. My sweet friends took me to dinner, a movie, made cupcakes, sent birthday cards, gave me cute Halloween decorations, bindis, Christmas ornaments, sent birthday emails, and signed my wall on Facebook.

Man, am I spoiled! Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful day! How fun is it to have you all in my life and a birthday so near Halloween!


RBS said...

Happy, Happy Birthday. If there is one thing I have learned it is the joy of a birthday. I know that we are all very joyful that you are in our lives. You have always been so good and kind to me (even at PGM, when I was nothing but an assistant). I consider myself lucky to know you.

J+S said...

So what are bindis?

Andrea said...

Good question! Bindis are forehead decorations. I use them for performances when we dance.

More information about bindis can be found in Wikipedia and The links are below:

Miscellaneous information:
My dance name is J'adore which means "I love" or "I adore" in French. The bindis I received are white and clear sparkly forehead heart-shaped decorations (stickers); each is about the size of a small glass pinhead. I'll take a picture and post later.

Andrea Brown said...

Happy birthday!!! Sorry you had such poor restaurant service, glad you were with fam!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday! I hope we can keep the fun going this weekend! Love you!

Karen Williams said...

Andrea, Happy Birthday!!! Your not old until you hit my AGE!!! Now, that's being OLD!

Glad you have friends that care abour you! Lucky you!

Havilah said...

Happy Birthday! I love your blog by the way :)