Friday, October 10, 2008

Frightfully Good Times

On Friday night, I was an usher at the Covey Arts Center for Thriller, presented by the Odyssey Dance Company. For several years, I have wanted to see Odyssey perform. Somehow it hasn't worked out until now.

Odessey was fabulous! The choreography and dancers were amazing. Some of the dances were a little creepy--like "The Grudge" and "Home Alone" where a girl is home alone and a stranger calls, "The Meal" complete with vampires and victim, and an intense statement about the Salem witch trials.

Some of the choreography was hilarious, like "Miss Allie's Nightmare" where the dancers acted like a 3-4 year old dance class at a dance recital--dressed in darling penguin costumes. Periodically the dancers would stop and wave at the audience, shouting "Hi, Mom!" Priceless! (One of the dancers even wore her costume backward with her little penguin tail in front!)

We all laughed as the Irish "river dancers" continued dancing while trying to avoid a rouge "sharp shooter" who picked the dancers off one at a time.

There were dancing Chuckie dolls and clowns and Frankensteins. All in all, good times. With short movie vignettes, a couple of comic type songs from Lorena Bobbett, and a stand up comedy routine sprinkled among the dances, it had wide appeal.

I would recommend watching Odyssey perform. Thriller was about a two hour long show with a 15 minute intermission. This was its first appearance in Utah County.

As for the Covey Center, I'll be going back again--and soon!

(P.S. - The ushers that night were the BEST ever! LOL)

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Melinda said...

Ooo...I've always wanted to see this too. I'm glad for the good recommendation!