Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy Park City Adventures

Karyn, Melinda, Andrea, and I decided to jaunt up to Park City this past Saturday to catch some amazing deals at the outlets and celebrate two birthdays.

In addition to the discount coupons printed off the Tangiers website, many of the outlet stores were having 40% and 50% off sales. There were so many incredible deals. Karyn wanted some shoes that weren't in stock and the store offered to ship them to her with no shipping charge. One of us spent $28 in The Children's Place for three shirts, one skirt, and two pairs of pants. Another bought a darling, red name brand purse for 1/3 of the retail price. (Melinda- I can't remember, was it Coach?)

Here we are showing off our spoils. Melinda is in black; Karyn's in pink. Andrea and I (both on the left) have birthdays in October.

This picture is care of Melinda's camera and a lucky passerby. (Thanks for stopping and for Melinda's sharing.)

Later, we went to Baja Cantina for dinner. The T.J. Taxi was delish! It was an afternoon and evening full of much needed giggles.

On my way home, I stopped to meet Daphne at Club Habits to boogie the night away. What a day!

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Melinda said...

Oh yes, it was Coach! And, it was so much fun. Thank you for having birthdays so close together so we can have this annual fun! Love you!