Friday, November 7, 2008

In the Blink of an Eye

This afternoon my mom's oldest sister passed away. It seems so strange to know that she is gone. Her spirit lives on and she is relieved of the illnesses her body had held. Shelly (her youngest daughter who is about eight or so years older than me) and I were talking about what a wonderful reunion she must be having with her parents and Stan (Shelly's first husband).

We sorrow at her passing and for those left behind, especially Uncle Barth. He was the picture of shock and grief tonight. I am glad that all of her children were able to spend some time with her before she left.

Later, mom reminised about memories she had of her sister while she was growing up. Dalene was nearly 10 when my mom was born. Most of her memories began with a teenaged Dalene.

One memory happened when my mom was eight, while her mom was at a Relief Society meeting and Dalene was in charge. Gayla wanted to go roller skating, but Dalene told her she couldn't go. Gayla and her friends went roller skating any way. While skating, she fell, broke her wrist, and ended up having to get it cast.

I remember family Christmas, Easter and birthday parties when we would all get together to find eggs, go camping, sing caroles, and have water fights. I also remember going to Aunt Dalene's house when I was young (her house was no longer child proof by the time me and my siblings came along). Funny memory, but I vividly remember pieces of pretty glass candy in a glass dish on a glass table in her front room. Very tempting for youngsters. :)

And I remember their dogs. Budge, their black Lab. And a variety of miniature poodles, one named Shadow.

When my dad called tonight to tell me Dalene was in the hospital, I planned to visit her after work. He called again about two hours later to tell me she was gone. Life is so brief and fleeting. We need to savor every minute, because we don't know what will happen when. We always think we will have just a little more time, but never know the exact amount.

Carpe diem.

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