Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Ever loathe the weekly (or daily) grocery trips? Ever get to the grocery store and wonder what happened to your list?

Wish you could automatically generate one rather than having to plan one out? Want a monthly calendar to help you plan meals? Need new meal ideas to add to your staples?

Nicole blogged about this website and its dinner planning hints and tips. You can create your own online recipe database and share recipes. I think this sounds like a fabulous (and free) idea!

Watch the interview with KSL's Studio 5 or visit the website Sign me up, Scotty!


Natalie said...

Sold! I am gonig right now to check it out! Thanks!!!

Melinda said...

Cool! I love to cook, but hate to decide what we're having. This is a perfect solution!

J+S said...

I saw this on Studio 5. People are so clever.