Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

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While many of us look at reducing holiday budgets or purchasing gifts that are more practical and affordable than those of previous years, Jennifer Melnick Carota, author of The Gift Therapist blog and the book "Shop Smart Give More" thinks that the current economic situation will not adversely affect the giving season. Carota states, "People will become more creative and frugal with their giving dollars."

In that spirit, here are 12 ways to use your ingenuity and know-how to boot the bad-economy Grinch out of your holidays and spread some serious holiday cheer.

1. Movies
2. Energy
3. Coffee
4. Food
5. Spa
6. Financial peace of mind
7. A 'new' car
8. Wealth builders
9. Home staging
10. Organize
11. Health
12. A 'new' wardrobe

May I also add inexpensive homemade footware?

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Melinda said...

So, does that mean you will let all us girls come in and stage your house if we call it Christmas?