Sunday, December 7, 2008

Turning Three and Jungle Jim's Playland

On Saturday afternoon, we went to Jungle Jim's Playland in Midvale to celebrate RD and AJ's third birthdays. RD turned three last week and AJ will turn three this week.

I think that the kids (and adults) had a lot of fun.

E. wouldn't ride the Jeep Safari without her mom. Go, Janette!

Erika braved the way-fast elephant ride with Zack.

More of the elephant ride.

The spaceship ride was a hit! The kids could pull down on a lever to make their ship go up and push up to go down.

Mini-tilt-a-whirl anticipation

Giant swings

RD's dirt cake. Isn't Bekah clever?

AJ's Barbie cake. Renee--what a Suh-weet cake!

Nathan, Dad, RD, and AL.

Mom and EL

Party on!


Amber said...

We used to go there all the time! I didn't know it was still in existence! How fun!

Melinda said...

What fun. We have never been there and we are totally inspired to go now!