Monday, December 29, 2008

Ella Squared

Aunt Ella was in town this weekend for Chase's farewell. He leaves for Ireland on Wednesday. Here Aunt Ella sits by Renee and holds EL at Michelle and Brad's.
Uncle Jim came, but caught a bug and stayed in bed. What a way to spend vacation. Sick in bed!


Karen Williams said...

What a CUTE little boy!!

Momza said...

HI there,
I couldn't see a better way to contact you, so I hope this is okay.
Thanks for the kind comment on my blog--to answer your questions about becoming a Doula, go to
That's where I started Sept '07.
and I love it!

Momza said...

Also, you don't have to be a Mother to be a great Doula...just as all nurses, doctors, etc., are not all parents, you just have to have a desire to learn all you can, open your heart and serve with a smile.
It really is a wonderful career. Good luck!

RBS said...

Andrea, from what I read on your comments it looks like you may be changing careers. You would make a great Doula! You are kind, compassionate and very, very patient. (at least you were with me) Looks like your family is experiencing a population explosion. What a great sugar Aunt I bet you are.
PS. Isn't momza's blog awesome?

Andrea - said...

Roxanne, Actually, I'm not thinking about changing careers, but I am very interested in doula's for some reason. It sounds really cool. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I really appreciate it.