Friday, January 9, 2009

Good vs. Bad

This article was somewhat interesting. But it got me thinking. Do women really prefer the "Bad Boy"? Is there such a thing as animal magnetism--with a GOOD guy? Do nice guys really finish last?

For me, the jury is still out. What's your vote?

What Draws Women To Bad Boys
You might not see it yet, but women often unconsciously feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION for men who have the behavior and traits of a “bad boy.” Of course, I don't believe that men have to be jerks to make women feel attraction with them. The truth is “bad boys” often create inviting and intoxicating forms of drama - often perceived as playfulness, sexuality and fun. And it’s often the inherent UNPREDICTABLE nature of a “bad boy” that becomes so fascinating and addicting to want to be around.

Women have a deep attraction mechanism that's triggered by men who behave indifferently, have high status, know lots of women, and the list of “bad” behavior goes on. You probably know from experience that the chemistry and connection with a “bad boy” can be incredibly thrilling, even if you’re miserable when it comes to a relationship. The magic of that exhilarating connection with a man can be extremely powerful, and more than enough to “overrule” the conscious thoughts you might have of “this guy isn’t good for me.” Women picking and staying with the wrong men is the single biggest mistake I see women make.

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