Friday, January 9, 2009

A Grand New Adventure

Several years ago, a friend decided to change her diet. She's a raw foodie! I must admit that the concept had me concerned at first (raw chocolate, raw meat, raw cake, raw milk, raw veggies...), but I've tried several of her recipes and they are quite good. And, no, she doesn't eat raw meat.

Angie began a blog recently to share her joy of the raw food world. Eventually she plans to make a raw food recipe book. If you are interested, she would love you to try her recipes and give her feedback.

This image came from her blog for a wrap recipe.

Hmmm... I think I need a s'more or maybe a crudite.

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Sheena Searls said...

I have been starting this as well. Check out She has some great information. I was sad that we didn't get to see you at Annalise's wedding.