Sunday, February 8, 2009

Name Quest

My sister-in-law's sister is expecting her third baby. She and her husband have opted not to know the gender of this little one because they have a girl and a boy already. They want to try one the "old-fashioned" way. Maybe the surprise will be twins and they will have one of each...

The trick is, they are trying to keep a naming pattern that I had already thought was pretty tricky, but only tonight realized a new dimension of its complexity.

Their daughter is Ruth, and their son is Garreth. They would like to continue the "th" ending of the next baby's name. Tonight, my brother and sister-in-law also pointed out that their first child's name is one syllable, their second child's name is two syllables, and they would like their third child's name to have three syllables. (Maybe that is how Mahonri Moriancumer got such a long name....) That seemed nearly impossible to me at first, but was surprised at how many names do end in "th".
Join in the baby naming festivities, keeping the guidelines in mind. A girl or a boy name ending in "th", preferrably 3 syllables long.
Here are some I thought of or was able to find. Many are courtesy of a baby name finding website.

3-syllable names: Meredith, Goliath, Asenath, Acenith, Sherideth, Yamileth, Geneseth, Hyacinth, Lilibeth, Amaranth, and Maribeth.

Under 3-syllable names: Faith, Truth, Leith (yeah--a twist on Leif), Seth, Beth, Barth, Ardith, Edith, Garth, Hearth, Mirth, Heath, Wrath, Alith, Tabith, Corinth, Health, Bath, Worth, Firth, Griffith, Japeth, Jareth, Lilith, Judith, Blythe, Gweneth, Jacinth, Janeth, Keith, Kenneth, Laith, North, South, Wadsworth, Wentworth, and Wordsworth.
More than 3-syllable names: Elizabeth.

Right now, I believe that they are calling the baby Penelope/Mortimer--or is it Penelopeth/Mortimerth?
What other names can you add to the list?


Havilah said...

Wow! This is fun! Thanks for the help (we really need it). As for now we have officially found a three syllable girl name ending in 'th' that we like (we're keeping it a secret though.. just for fun!)

Keep on throwing out suggestions for boy names though!

Angie said...

Just to put it out there, and I know that someone is going to take me up on my offer, and I know that it doesn't follow the pattern. But if it's a girl name her Angela. Think about it.

J+S said...

I love Elizabeth. It's one of the best names in the world!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm rooting for a little Goliath!

Andrea - said...

New baby boy names found care of and sometimes doctored for the 'TH' and inspired by Seriously So Blessed:


Havilah--Boy names are hard!

Havilah said...

Yes.. boy names ARE hard! Let's just root for a girl!