Friday, February 20, 2009

October Memories

While retagging a few posts, I thought I ought to include a missing entry.

In October, I debated about posting Uncle Ken's passing. Now I wish I would have. Chronology. Memory. He is an important link in our family chain.

Uncle Ken (on my dad's side of the family) passed away in October. I clarify, because my mom has a brother Ken who is married to a Karen and my dad has a sister Karon who is married to a Ken. Not the same Kare/ons and not the same Kens.

He had been sick before he passed away. That release was likely a blessing for him, but leaves a hole in the lives of those left behind.

I still remember hearing about how his great-granddaughter missed her grandpa and how she was so sad he wouldn't be able to watch the Price is Right with her anymore.

Ken Beckstrom was also an uncle to Jared Beckstrom who passed away unexpectedly in January from pneumonia. Ken and LeGrande Beckstrom married my aunts: Karon and Colleen, respectively.

More information is available online.

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