Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Game On

So I've posted several funny passages from a new blog I'm following called My Life Is Average or MLIA for short. It is full of random short stories from people's lives that are ironic, silly, amazing or anything BUT average. Sometimes they make me laugh so hard I cry--so far no hyperventilating.

Here is a recent find:

Today, I was driving down a road in the middle of nowhere when a car passed me. On the back windshield it said, "Leapfrog?". I passed them, and they passed me again. This continued for about ten minutes until I turned off. As I was turning, the two guys in the car cheered me on. Thanks guys, you just made my life. MLIA


Jenny said...

Andrea, this is so funny! How cool are you for playing along.

Andrea - said...

Thanks for thinking I'm cool. But I really don't deserve it--especially in this case. MLIA (My Life Is Average)is a hilarious blog of short stories people submit from their life to be published on the blog. Most of the stories are anything but average and I'm enamored with it. Can.Not. Get.Enough. Some of my favorite posts are shared in my blog with links back. Click on the blog post title and it will redirect you to the MLIA blog. Sounds like I need to edit this post to make it more clear. Oops!

Jenny said...

Haha, I didn't know the title was a link. I love MLIA too!