Friday, January 29, 2010

Maturity v. Age

I found a questionnaire that scores emotional intelligence, something I've been pondering for the past week or so. I found it interesting and wanted to share. What happens if you get a negative score?!?

Please rate each item as outlined below according to your life experience.

a "1" score each time you answer "Rarely",
a "0.5" score each time you answer "Sometimes", and
a "0" score each time you answer "Often"
to each item in the questionnaire.
Then add up your total EMQ score.

1. I look to others to validate my decisions before I act on them.
2. I tend to follow rather lead others.
3. Taking responsibility frightens me and so I avoid it.
4. Being on my own makes me feel uncomfortable.
5. I rely on others to make me feel secure.
6. I tend to make snap decisions.
7. I rarely stop and think through what I'm going to do next.
8. I tend to make impulsive decisions.
9. I'm generally an anxious person.
10. I tend to worry a lot.
11. My mood is easily affected by what is taking place around me.
12. I am a moody person.
13. I've been told that I'm moody.
14. I tend to get angry or frustrated easily.
15. I'm not very successful with relationships.
16. My relationships tend to last only a short time.
17. My relationships are very turbulent.
18. I don't enjoy looking after children or pets.
19. My confidence level is low.
20. I have trouble speaking in public or to strangers I don't know.
21. I often feel like there is something wrong with me.
22. I indulge in feelings of self pity.
23. I tend to complain about how others have hurt me or made my life difficult.
24. I often blame my parents for how I am.
25. I dislike myself.
26. I'm afraid that being honest will make my life more difficult.
27. I tend to tell people what I think they want to hear and not what I feel.
28. I need others to approve of me for me to feel good about myself.
29. I'm afraid of rejection.
30. I'm afraid of disapproval.
31. I tend to turn to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or something else to take away my emotional pain.
32. I have trouble opening up to others.
33. I have trouble feeling relaxed around others.
34. I fear others will think there's something wrong with me
35. I have trouble managing my money.
36. I neglect my health.
37. I tend to ignore my healthcare practitioner's advice.
39. I'm a loner.
40. I hate being alone.
A total EMQ score of:
1. Greater than 30 is a sign of good emotional maturity.

2. Between 10 and 30 a sign that you will likely have some challenges ahead in your life if you fail to address the relevant issues.

3. Less than 10 is sign that you are going to run into significant trouble if you haven't already.
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Nick Arrizza MD is the developer of the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP) that powerfully and permanently erases negative memories. He is a former Psychiatrist and Medical Doctor is an International Life, Executive, Organizational Tele-Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator who lives in Toronto, Canada. He is also on Faculty at Akamai University in Hawaii. He is the CEO and Founder of Arrizza Performance Coaching Inc. Article Source:,_M.D.

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