Thursday, January 28, 2010

Girls' Night In

Last night I babysat two nieces while their parents went to a meeting. Adam, Renee and the girls had gone swimming before I came and EL hadn't wanted to get fully dressed again. Clothing and clothing changes are definitely a thorn in her side. At least she is wearing pants in the pictures. (She'll LOVE these shots when she's older and her prom date is coming to pick her up...)

The evening began with a make over for all three of us by stylist AJ. Next I painted the girls' toe and fingernails. AJ thought it was pretty cool when I let her paint my fingernails. (Who's the favorite aunt now, Erika?)

Bath time came next followed by jammies, giggles and bedtime stories--but I only have pictures from the make over. Aren't we beautiful?

AJ and EL, it was so fun hanging out with you. Love yer guts!

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Erika said...

...well AJ, you might be the favorite aunt at the moment...however, Disney on Ice is in I AM the favorite aunt!!