Monday, April 5, 2010

Crazy Runs in the Family

So my sister-in-law is talking about adding a little spice to the family with a sprint. This is not a family calling plan. And before you go jumping to any conclusions that it's a simple, quick foot race let me tell you, it isn't. It means a swim, bike, run; also known as a triathalon. For a sprint it means a half mile swim, 13 mile bike ride and 3.5 mile run.

Translation: sprint = crazy

I'm mulling the idea, not quite sold on it. Willing to entertain and possibly try. To me it doesn't really sound fun. I'm not a runner; never have been. Dance? Volleyball? I'm all over that. Swimming sure. I'm a bit rusty, but it comes back, right? Like riding a bike?

Part of that mulling includes research and interviews. Thank goodness for Google, the Internet and friends that have completed triathalons. Recently I dusted off my username and password, visited, joined a couple of Triathalon groups and asked a few forum questions. It seems a sprint is even doable and Sparkpeople has articles for every aspect and level of triathlete.

Here is my favorite piece so far:
Beginner - Coming off of the couch? OK, you're probably still deciding whether you will or can make a big lifestyle change for the better. And you are probably somewhat intimidated by the 'triathlon' idea.... You need something that will motivate you and instill a lot of pride as you will be a very small percent of the population training as a triathlete. But getting started can be very intimidating. You have the jargon to get used to, probably a hundred questions plus you have to train in all three sports at once! That can be daunting to the beginner. By following...

Exercise program ideas - Free training plans
Running from scratch
16 week program
Training videos

I'm going to need some seriously padded shorts because bike seats are so, so comfy. But where do you change in a race from swimsuit to bike shorts to running shorts? I believe the answer is that you simply don't change. Multipurpose, non-rubbing, non-rolling, padded seat, full body swimsuit/jog suit/bike suit? Probably very aerodynamic. Where do you find such gear and the courage to wear them?

Important things to remember - eat well, Swim, bike, run, stretch and weight train. Sparkpeople says, "Anybody can run a triathlon...even if you haven't worked out in years. All it takes is patience and must make it a priority in your lifestyle. Once you do this then the training will come easy," "Make training an 'appointment'" and "Champions work their weaknesses!"

Care to join us?


Adam and Renee said...

Does all of this research mean you are in? You should do it. You will do great! It will be fun!!:)

Melinda said...

Um, no...I have no desire to run unless someone is chasing me. But, a dance-a-thon, I'd join in!

Nate said...

It's a 3.2 mile run (5k), an 8 mile bike ride, with a 400 yard swim at the end. Bekah wants me to help her brush off her swimming skills. If you want to help watch teh kids I'm sure I could work with both of you.