Friday, April 30, 2010

That's What He Said About First Dates

Here are some pointers I received via a random email about dating. It's a quick trip into the male psyche called the 5 First Date Turn Offs for Men.

You may want to buckle up for this trip. Wait! Hold the entree, I'm outta here... :)

#1 - Can't Hold a Conversation: Is the conversation difficult? By appetizers a guy thinks he can tell where the date is going and if he even wants to be there for the entree.

#2 - Doesn't Ask Questions: Is she interested in the guy or does she only talk about herself and what she likes?

#3 - Lots of "Me" Talk: Some guys will count the number of times a girl says "me" on a date. Does the conversation or do the questions she asks set up conversation topics about herself?

#4 - Lack of Adventure: It's good for a girl to be willing to try something new. You may not like it, but try it once. A girl can can tell her date she doesn't like skydiving the next time he wants to go.

#5: The "ex" talk: Dwelling on past relationship(s). Just don't go there.

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