Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Seen That Face Somewhere Before

One of the Tech Team guys I work with showed me a cool site the other day that I've been meaning to blog about. I figure April Fool's Day is as good of a day as any.

The site is called monoface. On it you can click on the mouth, nose, head, and each eye to create more than 700,000 different face combinations made from 15 original pictures (seen in the gallery). You can shuffle the images to come up with auto-generated faces. Some of the combinations are scary and others are downright hilarious!

Part of the amazing-ness of this site comes from the morphing of features to match the other features. The faces on the left and center above have the same head, but different facial features. The faces in the center and right images above have the same facial feature combination, but they work equally well in the different heads.

For info about who created and why, click here. And Merry Christmas!

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