Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simple Easter Craft Idea

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What you need: White eggs (hard-boiled or blown empty) , white felt , pink paper , glue , scissors , floral wire , small pink pom-pom , cotton ball , google eyes

Instructions: Start with hard-boiled eggs or whole empty eggshells. To make the feet, glue a piece of white felt to pink paper and cut into a large heart shape. Glue to egg bottom to keep stable. Cut two rounded teardrop shapes out of white felt. Cut a smaller teardrop shape out of pink paper and glue to the inside of ears. Fold the bottom and glue together. Cut floral wire to whisker length. Place wire whiskers and pom-pom on front point of egg. Glue cotton ball to the back. Glue wide end of ears to top front of egg. Add google eyes.

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Melinda said...

Way too much fun. I must remember these for next year!