Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs and All That Jazz

Friday night, we colored eggs at grandma and grandpa's with RD, IC, and AL. AJ had had to stay home with a fever. Then we had a "sleep" over where we didn't really sleep much and geared up for Saturday's events.

This Saturday, our traditional Easter egg hunt was held in my parents' backyard. All seven of the little one hunted for eggs. I'm not certain how excited AM, EL, and ZM were about the finding part. Especially since they couldn't eat the candy inside the plastic eggs and wouldn't be able to spend the money amount written on the outside of the other eggs.

Here AJ, IC, AL, and RD show off their spoils. They had a blast finding eggs, eating candy and helping grandpa pay out the money amounts written on their eggs.

Our picnic was held indoors due to the cool, rainy weather. Before scampering inside, the adults blew soap bubbles for the kids to chase and pop.

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